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This is my first entry for the dwicons100challenge. I might have gone a wittle ickle bit overboard with the iconic. Ahem. But it was a great exercise and there was a lot of experimenting going on, let me tell ya! ;-D
As usual, comments are love and constructive criticism is always very muchly welcome.

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Just 3 lil' animated icons to celebrate the return of the Doctor :-D

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Been meaning to do that for a while, so here it is. Comments, cristicism and credit are always shiny; hotlinking isn't.

Anybody else watching the X-Files' reruns on Sci-Fi? I'm falling in love all over again :-) Also, less than a week to Doctor Who! Yayness!

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It's TV round-up time! (And Heroes squeeing)

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And a Happy bloody New Year to all! Hell yeah!

grimma speaking: May I add my own SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to that?  No coherent thoughts possible. Am just roaring right now. Trying to catch my breath.

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Hello peeps, I am over the pond. The flight was brill, and I don't say that often! The pilot was seriously good. Plus, what was on TV? Pirates of the Carribean 2 and Doctor Who "School Reunion", to name but the best. The getting out of custom, getting a shuttle was a bit of a hassle, but OMG that apartment I'm in, dudes. You can't imagine. It's HUGE, there's everything. I'm sharing with a very nice girl from Brazil (Sarah), who's got the master bedroom. My bedroom, the "small one", is the size of my living room at home, has it's own bathroom with bathtub (twice the size of the one in my flat) and a walk-in cupboard (the size of my flat's kitchen). Oh, and get that, the downstair has a bar, an internet cafe, a fitness suite, a swimming pool and it's own theatre. All private and for residents only. And we're just opposite a mall with a Starbucks. I was picking myself off the floor. I think I want to marry that apartment, or possibly my boss, or possibly both. Looks like it's gonna be fantastic ;-) If any of you is one Skype, I'll give you a webcam tour ;-)

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You knew it was a-coming!
Credit is nice. Comments are like chocolate ice-cream on Captain Jack. Under the cut so as not to spoil anyone.

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GOD.DAMN.HOT. Captain Jack = me needs cold shower (you'll know when you see it).

Also, really good episode. To think I won't be able to see it next week.

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A whole day to go and I can't wait! (note to self, need Torchwood icons). 
On that subject, I had a Whoday yesterday and finally saw the Bad Wolf graffity and the Father's Day church :-) and that was awesome but that's not it. Since the first Torchwood episode, I have been *dying* to stand on that lift, so we went yesterday. How many fans were there doing the same thing? 13! 13! On the way to the Starbucks and on the way back, in the space of one hour. Oh the knowing nods. There was this couple, the guy was wearing a Captain Jack coat and posing for pictures. For some reason, that just made my day. Oh, and on the drive back, the RedDragon's DJ was saying how much he liked Torchwood. eh. 
And in case you don't know, Torchwood 1x01 and 1x02 managed to get one of the highest audience rating for a UK program, ever. Yes it is made of awesome :-D

Speaking of TV show, is it me or is Heroes getting better and better? I have total geek!love for Hiro.

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So with that trip to America getting finalised, I thought I'd start a thread for the flist to let me know if they want anything from over there. When I get there, I'll also be posting my address, so you can get stuff delivered if you want to. I know I have big plans for CafePress' coupons (since they send you one everytime you order something) ;-) 
I'll be leaving with a big suitcase (possibly with a small suitcase inside the big one!).

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